we are all Pinocchio

the road is dark, every curve makes me uneasy
I hate not being in charge, not knowing what's ahead.
And though this is adventure, being at home is way more comfortable.
I wonder what I'll have to say when I'm back and people ask about my travels
What is there to say?
How some days it is uncertain where you'll sleep; or if you will at all.
And how hours can feel eternal when you have no plans, and when you do life can swiftly get rid of them with the pronunciation of one sentence. 
I have concluded we have no control, ever
not when we think we do, not when we don't. 
We merely rely on fate.
We hold onto the hope that fate will be kind, the way it is in children's bedtime stories. 
But even then we hear of adversity and we wonder what we would do if it was us whom these things are happening to. And we think sometimes we would take better decisions and thus we wouldn't find ourselves in a circus with donkey ears. But sometimes you have no time to think, no chance to turn away;
sometimes you just end up inside a circus and all you've got left to do is laugh with the clowns and look at the crowd of people who walk in and out,
whose lives seem so easy compared to yours. 
And you miss when you were part of the crowd that has to go to bed early tonight because in the morning they've got somewhere to be.

And still the road is dark.
And still I sit here thinking of everyone I love and have ever loved. 
And I'm not worried, I'm doing just fine. 
I sit looking ahead and wondering how God got me where I am, hoping he takes me where I'm going. 
I'm just a spectator, I know that now. It's futile to hope you're in charge of the show. 
Because in the real world, we are all Pinocchio. 


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