often times I wish I were somebody else, oftentimes I wish I were no one at all

there's things that I abhor,
things about myself
things about others,
and the world we live in.
the imperfections of the skin,
the weather.
every time I take notice it becomes something else,
changing by the hour like my moods.
the night comes cold, even on warm days,
like my love for you so swift turns to hate.

but why are people so stupid?
why do they do things a certain way?
why can't I change them and make the world to be proper?
can I at least change myself?
I'm so sick of being tired,
I'm so over living with you all.

sometimes I just want to run away.
away from the routine of everyday life.
away from the traffic, the people I have to see at work, the mess in my room, the list of things I've got to do.
away from this fast-paced life full of self-entitled, unaware, rude people who fail to notice the world doesn't revolve around them. 

sometimes I just want to be no one in the middle of nowhere.


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