I remember the way you made me feel.
It was nothing like the way I feel today. Nothing I'd felt before.
It was a thrill that made me believe I could fly off into space from all the love I felt inside.
It was an exuberance unlike any other.
It was the first fire felt by man, blazing in my heart. You were Prometheus, yet Zeus chose to punish me.
It was life leaving your lips, pouring into mine and bringing me into the world, the way Victor brought his monster to life.
And like him you too abandoned me; your lifeless monster.
Because you were the Beauty, and I, the Beast. Damned unto life to roam idle and directionless in a bleak, cruel existence.
I carry my empty body and look everywhere with dead eyes hoping to find you again.
You, my first and last breath, put me out of my misery. Meet me atop a cliff and let me fall onto a quick death.
At last I would lay still, in a grave you dug with love.


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