I know you don't think about the brief moment in which you stole a kiss from me, and I decided I was yours.
do you remember making out on that red corridor ?
outside the dressing room you gripped me tight as people I could only hear walked on by.
I couldn't believe you didn't care,
I guess your inhibitions must've been left onstage.

your breath was hitting hard against my face and it was the first time I'd felt another human's desire so vivid.
I was so nervous but you were so kind, you thought it funny when I said I was too shy.

later that night you pulled me in for another go, your hand in my hair
was I as irresistible as you said?
or were you holding onto me for something else?
a reminder of the past, a thrill in your chest maybe.

out in the cold you were smiling as you said for the first time in years I made you feel. feel something you hadn't felt in a long time,
I feeling something I hadn't felt ever.
I, standing starry eyed in the cool midnight, thinking I would see you again.

and that, I did, but it wasn't really you.
at least not the same side of you that confessed things in my ear that Wednesday night.
maybe the side of you I long for is still in Sacramento, or maybe I'm just naive.


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